Summer Running should Haves–The best gear from Head to Toes!

summer Running should Haves – Here’s my list of the best running gear, clothes, shoes, fuel belts, sunblock and much more for runners during the hot weather months. check it out and let me know if you have any recommendations you love too!

I put this list from head to toe so I’d remember during the video. but it also helps when you’re packing or headed out the door for a run – do a quick full body check starting at your head and going down your body to make sure you have everything you need for a terrific run!
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Bonus Tip: I did a little summer running hack yesterday during my long run. check it out on my Instagram stories – it’s saved in the favorites under “Hot Temps Running”.

–> check out the video on the Run eat Repeat IGTV channel!

Summer Running Survival Kit:

1. sunblock for face – For my face I use an oil totally free one like Neutrogena sport face sunblock spf 70. get a face particular oil totally free sunblock to help avoid it getting in your eyes.

Neutrogena sport face sunblock spf 70  //  Neutrogena dry Touch sunblock spf 100

2. sunblock for body – and for my body I use sport sunblock lotion for my arms and sports sunblock spray for my legs

Banana boat sports sunblock Lotion  //  Coppertone sports sunblock Lotion

Banana boat sports sunblock Spray spf 50   //  Neutrogena sports sunblock spf 70

3. Visor or Hat – I love the original pro Compression visors because they have a big brim. but I don’t think they sell them anymore … fortunately golf visors or unisex ones work too!

Nike big Brim  Golf Visor  //  Nike Women’s Aerobill Visor

4. sunglasses – I love Oakley women sports sunglasses or fun colorful ones – just make sure they have full UV protection. <- that’s essential for eye health, not just to make it much more enjoyable to see while out on a run! Oakley Women’s sunglasses unstoppable  //  Oakley Women’s Sunglasses 5. sports Bra – get a good fitting sports bra to help avoid chafing. ‘ >> go to road Runner sports or another clothing store that can fit you correctly and make ideas on the best sports bra for your body and needs. It’s essential that you have the best fit, a quality sports bra and have it adjusted correctly to help avoid chafing. once you have the best sports bra for your body you can add in anti-chafing glide, but you want to start with reducing the risk.

I recommend a sports bra with adjustable straps and adjustable back closure.

These are my favorites…

Brooks sports Bra  – Rebound Racer   //  Brooks sports Bra – fine Form

6. Running tops – I’m strange and I like wearing long sleeves to help block the sun. but for races I wear tanks many of the time.

Fast and fab long Sleeve Top   //   Adidas Running tank Top

7. Running Shorts – post with my favorite running shorts coming soon!! I like road Runner Sports  //  Danskin Now  // and a few other brands that we’ll chat about next time.

8. Running Socks – low Pro-Compression socks or other sweat wicking workout or sports socks.

Pro Compression Socks  //  sports Socks No Show

9. Running shoes – stick with your favorite running shoes but you might need to take extra care of them if they’re so sweaty and wet. Make sure to dry them out before wearing them for another run to avoid blisters.

Running Tip: put them in on their sides in front of the fridge to help dry out the sweat.

Brooks Running shoes Pure flow 7  //  Brooks Running shoes Launch

10. fuel or Water Belt – I love the stay fit Running Belt because it’s thick and doesn’t bounce or slide. You can use small fuel belt water bottles with it. and I also love a small handheld water bottle that you can refill along the way like the Nathan speed shot Handheld.

Hand-held Water bottle – I love Nathan’s hand held water bottles for long runs or running on a hot day. plus the lil holder can store fuel or money to purchase Starburst at 7-11.

Stay fit Running Belt discount Code: repeat

11. spark drink mix for pre-workout, for inside water bottle and post-run hydration.

Spark drink Canister  //  spark drink Stick Packs

12. good attitude – fortunately this is FREE! but you have to make it happen.

Question: got any amazing hot weather running should haves? ¡¡hágamelo saber!!

Chime in on Instagram today and tell me your favorite summer running suggestions or gear!

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